Spaghetti With Broccoli Sauce: Healthy Vegetarian Recipe to Enjoy Pasta in One Pot

Spaghetti With Broccoli Sauce

Today’s recipe will delight pasta lovers , those who love broccoli and those who are not so fond of this versatile and healthy vegetable. Although the version of fake broccoli pesto is relatively popular online, this proposal is something different, as we present a different sauce with a much milder flavor , which is also prepared in the same pot.

Thai Tofu and Mushroom Soup: Healthy Vegan Recipe With Oriental Aromas

Thai Tofu and Mushroom Soup

To get out of the routine of the most traditional spoon dishes in our kitchen, today we collect Asian flavors with a very simple dish to prepare that inspires us with Westernized Thai cuisine , in a most complete and healthy vegan soup, satisfying without ceasing be light

Paprika Chicken Stir Fry With Pumpkin – Healthy Recipe

paprika chicken stir fry with pumpkin

Do you take advantage of the spices in the pantry to enrich your dishes? In addition to having healthy properties, they seem to me to be a real treasure that sometimes we don’t give the importance it deserves. Paprika is without a doubt one of my favorites, also so attached to our traditional cuisine. This sautéed paprika chicken with pumpkin is a very quick dish to prepare that takes advantage of all the flavor of this red gold.

Grilled Fish With Honeyed Lemon and Caper Sauce: Tasty and Quick Healthy Recipe

Grilled Fish With Honeyed Lemon and Caper Sauce Tasty and Quick Healthy Recipe

Grilled fish is a simple resource to prepare something healthy at home without complications, but it can become boring and we run the risk of it being bland and dry, especially if the raw material is not of the quality we would like. A quick sauce like this lemon sauce can fix it.

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