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To Do a Pull-up, Start With the Negative Ones: Five Keys to Doing Them Correctly

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Getting to do the first pull-up can be a challenge for many people, but fortunately there are ways to do it, such as eccentric work, that is, negative pull-ups.

There is no doubt that negatives can help you achieve a pull-up , since they have a great capacity to stimulate the muscles involved in this exercise and a great transfer of force.

To Do a Pull-up, Start With the Negative Ones: Five Keys to Doing Them Correctly.

For that reason, we are going to give you five keys that will help you do eccentric pull-ups correctly so that you can progress to full pull-ups.

1. Maintain the cadence in the movement.

A mistake that many people tend to make is to adopt different speeds depending on the section of the route , when the only thing they achieve with this is to develop more strength in some specific parts of the movement, instead of doing it in its entirety.

Therefore, it is advisable that you try to maintain the same speed at all times , even if there are certain points where it is more difficult.

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2. Increase work frequency.

In order to improve a movement, the most effective thing is to work it as many times as possible as long as we deal correctly with fatigue, and for this, increasing the frequency and reducing the volume per session can be a good idea.

This means that it is better to do a few few than a few many, meaning that it does not make much sense to do a workout with twenty sets of pull-ups if we do not practice them again for seven days.

Instead, spreading the total number of series we carry out over several different workouts can be a more interesting option to manage fatigue and progress while being fresher.

3. Focus on the glutes.

Although it may not seem like it, the glutes are a key element in pull-ups since they are joined to the latissimus dorsi by the same fascia, and the contraction of the glutes itself can increase the transfer of force in this exercise.

Therefore, in addition to focusing on contracting them, it is advisable that you seek to gain strength in this muscle with other exercises such as the hip thrust. In this way you will improve indirectly.

4. Don’t waste the series.

It is not worth carrying out an infinite number of series if their quality is not good enough .

Therefore, get enough rest between sets, focus on doing the technique really well, use pre-workouts or music to increase your activation, and even consider using techniques such as visualization to prepare well.

5. Monitor your body positioning.

The positioning of your body with respect to the bar is essential , and the performance in two different pull-ups can be totally different depending on how you position yourself.

First of all, it is very important that you try to get your palm as close to the bar as possible to reduce the travel that occurs at the stagnation point , so that it limits you as little as possible.

Also keep in mind that it is not necessary to seek total verticality, but instead we should try to push the chest out and keep the shoulders back and down , looking for a certain angle.

This retraction of the scapula will help you bring your elbows back, allowing shoulder extension during the eccentric phase to be as ergonomic as possible.

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