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Welcome to verywelfit! We’re excited to work with you to bring your content to our enormous national and international audiences. To guarantee the highest quality of content with a least of editorial interference, we’ve made this guide for you all. In this, you will find few technical rules to follow, as well as strategies that will help you and your writing to be more professional, convincing and appealing. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email or in our Facebook Page . We will improve this guide over period, therefore your feedback is welcome.

What Exactly Is Article Submission?

Article submission or submitting articles is one of the most effective off-page SEO techniques. With the help of article submission, you can get the amount of traffic to your website. Article submission attracts a good number of visitors to your site and hence helps to increase your traffic.

There are two kinds of link in respect to Article submission in SEO i.e., do-follow or no-follow some good article writing site gives you some follow-up. Article directories become very common nowadays. It is the oldest and very easy instrument of SEO. Presenting article directories seems like a very easy submission.

There are many article submission sites who are ready to publish your articles or blogs and offering a chance in creating backlink for you.

Guest posting or Guest Blogging is one of the simple way that acts as a simple way in regards of contributing posts, articles thereby building exposures, authorities and links for your sites.

Your Benefits. 

  • You will be permitted to place 1 link back to your blog or website through your author bio or inside of article; anyway your bio will be not meant for any promotional nature.
  • You will get full credit and exposure of your articles. Along with that you will get exposure to all the readers with a separate author profile including links to your social profiles.


Submissions of your writings to verywelfit should be in .doc or .docx format. We will be using Microsoft Word to proof and edit the file, therefore other formats are not allowed. Here are few details that need to look after;

  • Make sure there are no automatic line breaks by selecting the “remove space after paragraph” option in Word.
  • Formatting the text itself with bullets, bold and italics etc., should not be done. If you have ideas and want to tell in what way you want the content to look, use the “Comment” feature in Word to leave a note in the margins.
  • Do not add any hyperlink on the text; rather add the link in the comments.

Talking About Hyperlinks, There Are Two Kinds We Allow.

  • Internal links, to other verywerit contents. We generally include internal links according to the articles related, so if you have any ideas of which we should use, feel free to include them.
  • External, academic links. These are links to research studies, white papers, news articles or statistics that help underline the points you are trying to make in your piece.

Speaking About The References.

  • Using the Chicago style of citation, references should be cited at the end of the article.
  • When you have created your references list, the in-line citations should be made using the number of the reference(s) in brackets. For example: (1,2).

Content Structure.

The overall structure of content is one of the most important thing to engage audience. If the structure is good and attractive automatically it will engage audience. Here are few points that verywelfit follows while making content;

  1. Strong Introduction:   First few sentences of your content should be clear about your topic and should be to the point.
  2. Convincing:   Start your article in such a way so that it shows what you are writing is for audience.
  3. Query:   Write in such a way so that it looks that your article is a kind of solution for an audience query.
  4. Creating bond:   Content should display as you care for the audience’s problem. Write to the point which directly solve the problem and your content gains the trust.
  5. Last but not the least, always write a conclusion of your content or at least try to sum up what you and your content is trying to say.
  6. Content should be copyright free. If any copyright issue is found our team will reject your articles.


Verywelfit has four categories on which you can write your content. Make sure you don’t jumble up the content with categories. Be specific with the categories. The four categories on which verywelfit focus are Fitness, Yoga, Nutrition and Recipe.

Write your content with confidence and affirmation. Don’t just stuff words. Sentences of your content should be sense enough and write clear, to the point along with conclusion.

There is no bound to word limits to your content. But less than 1000 words will not be acceptable.

A well-written content with a clear meaning are always acceptable. Articles with poor content and grammatical mistakes will be rejected.

How To Submit.

If you are interested in joining verywelfit writer’s team, then contact and send us the following instructions at [email protected]

  • Your Name.
  • Subject will be – “Guest Post Submission“.
  • A Short Bio (with 1 link of your blog/website).
  • Your Social Profile URL’s (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc.)
  • Your article in .doc file.

Additional Guidelines for CBD write for us:

There is some specific general guideline that a writer or contributor should follow while writing an article on CBD products in our platform.

  • The content which you choose must be well informative with a proper flow.
  • Try to avoid writing in passive words and don’t repeat the sentences in the content.
  • Make sure to follow the SEO guidelines and do put proper keyword placement throughout the content.
  • The content must have a relevant title and a relevant subheading.
  • Try to use bullet or number points to make the content reader-friendly.
  • The sequencing of specifications, pros, and cons should be proper, to the point and maintain the flow of the content.

A Take Away Message.

The above mentioned guidelines have been made to help our writers raise the level of their content and reach to more readers more effectively and efficiently. As a part of verywelfit our goal is to give you an opportunity as writer to write and develop your content. If you have any doubts, questions, queries or suggestions regarding this guide, feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear them. Thank you, and happy writing!


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