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Q. What’s Verywelfit is all about?

A. Verywelfit is a fitness and nutrition oriented informational website launched in 2023, by Uttam Swarnakor and Nebadita Maji. The owners of Verywelfit. It’s headquarter is in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Q. What is Verywelfit.com?

A. Verywelfit.com is a platform for readers who want to motivate to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. Here we hold your hand in your fitness journey.

Q. Is it free?

A. Yes, our articles are free, and you may also get the additional personal assitence if you contact us.

Q. Who write these articles?

A. You can find it more about on the editorial team here. Besides, if you want to write an article for Verywelfit please check here.

Q. How I can contact Verywelfit?

A. You can get in touch with us by emailing [email protected]

Q. What topics are covered?

A. Fitness: Full fitness related article are being published like exercise routine, plan and moves etc.
Nutrition: Diet plans, diets, healthy foods.
Yoga: How to perform yoga, benefits of yoga, types of yoga.
Recipes: How to cook a healthy meal according to your need with step by step guide and videos.

Q. Is Verywelfit reliable?

A. Yes, it is reliable as it only provide the information’s which are proved scientifically and research based. You can check here.

Q. How do I submit articles to Verywelfit?

A. You can submit your article by following these guidelines by mailing to [email protected].

Q. Is Verywelfit is a legit website?

A. Yes, it is a legit website. You can check here.

Q. Will my information be shared with anyone?

A. Please check our privacy policy.

Q. What are the terms and conditions?

A. You can check the terms and conditions here.


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