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Swathi, armed with a postgraduate degree in English literature from The English And Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, and a diploma in English journalism from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Kottayam, is a seasoned writer with a focus on health and lifestyle. With two years of experience in the field, Swathi’s expertise extends to crafting well-researched and evidence-based articles, particularly in the realm of skincare.

Her journey into journalism began as a journalist for a daily newspaper in South India, where she delved into various topics, including health and lifestyle. Swathi’s dedication to providing insightful content is further emphasized by her certification as a skincare coach, showcasing her commitment to promoting informed choices in skincare practices.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Swathi embraces her creative side as an amateur photographer. Her love for travel is fueled by a curiosity to unravel the stories behind old buildings and heritage places, a passion that aligns seamlessly with her explorative spirit. Swathi’s diverse interests, coupled with her commitment to journalistic excellence, make her a unique and insightful voice in the field of health and lifestyle writing.

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