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Embarrassing: Arsenal Fans Set Off Fireworks at Manchester City Hotel at Night Where Players Don’t Sleep

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The fact that the stakes are very high for Manchester City’s catch-up match against Tottenham is proven by a nightly action by the other title candidate. Arsenal fans set off massive fireworks at the London hotel where they thought the City players were staying. Although there was one problem: the visitors only traveled to the capital this morning.

At 2 a.m., a small fireworks show caused some disruption to the sleep of local residents. Only they were certainly not the players of Manchester City .

Kevin De Bruyne and co were still in Manchester and only traveled to London this morning. The action of the Arsenal fans was therefore in vain.

For the first time in their career as supporters, they hope that rival Tottenham Hotspur will win its catch-up match against the national champions. This is how Arsenal starts the final day as leader. A nice bonus in the extremely exciting title battle.

Last night’s fireworks didn’t yield anything. Will we get a cracking match between Spurs and City tonight?

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