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Annie Jangam, Beauty & Lifestyle Expert

Annie Jangam is a seasoned content writer with an illustrious background as a researcher, boasting 11 years of combined experience in scientific exploration and creative communication. Known for her ability to unravel intricate clinical studies and translate scientific jargon into accessible content, Annie has carved a niche in crafting engaging articles on skincare and hair care.

Her journey into the world of research and writing was catalyzed by 8 years of dedicated work in functional genomics, culminating in the publication of her original research in esteemed international journals. Annie’s editorial prowess further flourished during her tenure as an assistant editor at Physiology and Molecular Biology (PMBP), Springer, where she contributed to an international plant journal.

Throughout her academic career, Annie showcased versatility by actively engaging in grant writing, literature reviews, scientific abstracts, poster creation, and project execution, demonstrating her commitment to scientific excellence. Beyond her professional endeavors, she is fueled by a passion for humanitarian causes and has volunteered in events dedicated to raising awareness about human rights, women’s rights, and bullying. Annie Jangam’s work reflects a harmonious blend of scientific acumen and a compassionate commitment to making a positive impact in both the realms of science and humanity.

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